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What must I be aware of at RAF Henlow?

​The Squadron building is inside RAF Henlow. To obtain a temporary access pass, please park up outside the gates on the (North) air side of RAF Henlow and visit the Guardroom on the (South) Barrack Side of RAF Henlow.

Visiting parents and new cadets will need a form of photographic ID (passport is best). New ITF cadets will be required to get temporary passes until they have been enrolled and issued their RAF Air Cadets 'MyRAFAC' app which will allow them access to the facility. 

Any cadet who can drive can obtain an official vehicle pass. They are subject to the rules of the base and will have to park in the designated areas. 

Please be aware that RAF Henlow is an active RAF Station, so please mind out for traffic if you're walking to the Squadron building. If you're in a vehicle, please refrain from stopping in active areas.

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