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​Subscriptions, or 'subs', are the contribution we ask all enrolled cadets to pay. These payments go towards the use of the building and equipment for your child's time in cadets.

"How much will it cost me?"

This is £10 per month.

2482 Henlow Squadron prefers payment via standing order on the first working day of each month.

"What if my Son/Daughter misses several parade nights?"

​All subscriptions must be paid for all scheduled parade nights. If your child does not attend all the scheduled parade nights, you must still pay the normal subscription rates. If it is the case is that your child cannot attend all nights due to restrictions at home or with work, then an agreement can be worked out. Come in and speak to our staff.

"Will the subscription rates increase at any point?"

​It is inevitable that from time to time rising costs make it necessary for us to review subscription rates. However, we make every effort to avoid this by seeking other sources of income such as fund raising or sponsorship. We will always send a letter home with your child explaining the situation, well in advance of any change to subscription rates.

"What happens if I forget to pay the subscriptions but my son/daughter still attends?"

​If you allow your subscriptions to get in arrears, it may affect your child's chances of being picked for off-squadron activities, such as flying, gliding, camps and more. If you are struggling to keep up the regular payments, for whatever reason, come in a talk to our staff.

There is No fee for enrolment for your child and no charge for the provision of the majority of their uniform.​ For more information on uniform, please follow the link to the Uniform page.

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