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The uniformed staff at 2482 (Henlow) Squadron work hard to ensure the cadets achieve all they can whilst in the corps. From arranging activities and opportunities to following up with paperwork for such events, the staff team make sure the cadets are able to make the most of all opportunities within the corps. 

Missing Piece

Fg Off
Nigel Rowland

Officer Commanding

Fg Off Rowland took command of the squadron in Feburary 2024.

Fg Off Rowland joined the squadron in 2009 and has been in the corps

since 2004.
is particularly knowledgeable in fieldcraft and enjoys taking the cadets outside to practice their skills. Ultimately he aims to provide the cadets with the best experiences and opportunities.

Missing Piece

Jason Venn

Squadron Adjutant

CI Jason Venn (Civilian Instructor) is an Ex Henlow cadet and 616VGS Staff Cadet who after a 30 year sabatacle returned to help out at the Squadron. CI Venn has been appointed as Squadron Adjutant supporting the Squadron OC and keeping on top of the administration. Additionally, for the past two years, CI Venn has also headed up recruitment and maintains the Squadron social media accounts and resident paparazi. He also helps out with logistics and staffing various events. 


Flight Sergeant

Emily Hoskinson
Squadron SNCO
Drill, dress and discipline


FS Hoskinson (nee Blofield) has been at 2482 (Henlow) Squadron since 2008 when she joined as a 14 year old cadet. 

FS Blofield has a particular interest in drill and is a qualified drill instructor (DI).

Her main role on the squadron is to ensure that drill, dress and discipline standards are maintained at all times. 

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